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Here is a collection of columns about Hemlock and Canadice Lakes, some are from the past and others are current. The subjects are as varied as the people that wrote them.

Various Authors


Essays of Clara Mack

Clara Mack wrote articles for the Wayland Register between 1935 and 1950. She published her stories in a book called Thoughts by a Country Woman.

Clara Mack

1935 - 1950

Essays of Alma Rogers

My Ideal Woman, An If for Girls, A Friend Like You, Tell It to Him and a few more Alma wrote as a senior in 1926.

Alma Rogers


A Glimpse of Canadice

Emma takes us on a short glimpse of how life was in Canadice in 1925. She reminds us of the blessings of the past and the hopes of the future.

Emma Winch



Santa Claus in Santaland by Harold W. Trott

Here is a short story written by Dr. Trott for Iva Outhouse who was a young patient of his. He had asked her what she wanted for Christmas and her reply was “A Book about Santa Claus”.

Harold W. Trott

Tales from Hemlock and Canadice Lakes

Here is a collection of tales and historical fiction about Hemlock and Canadice Lakes. They are mostly local legends that have been passed on mouth to mouth.

Various Authors


Tales of the Past

Historical essays about the people, places and incidents in the towns of the Hemlock and Canadice Lakes area. Compiled by Douglas Morgan.

Frank Connor


History of Canadice

Beverly Deats wrote her “History of Canadice” while the town clerk, the position she held for 30 years until 1993.

Beverly Deats


Dixon Hollow, a history

Dixon Hollow was a small milling community located along the Canadice Outlet between Hemlock and Canadice Lakes prior to 1920.

Amo Kreiger


Life in the Hollow: a History of Dixon Hollow NY

Kristi Krumrine has produced an extensive study of Dixon Hollow and the families who lived there. Much of the information came from archeaological studies at the Dixon Hollow.

Kristi Krumrine


A History of the Buffalo Street School in Springwater

William Lawrence, in 1937, wrote a most interesting history of the Buffalo Street School in Springwater, showing its early formation, set-backs, payment of teacher’s salary in lumber, six month terms, size of the school, number of families, etc.

William Lawrence


Hemlock Lake, a history

The first known settler near Hemlock Lake was Philip Short who arrived near the present village of Hemlock in 1795.

Livonia History


Hemlock, a history time line

From the Sullivan & Clinton expedition in 1779 to the 160th anniversary of the post office in Hemlock in 1989.

Livonia History


Jacksonville, a history

Jacksonville had its beginning in approximately 1823, when Ichabod Andrew Holden, decided to expand his distillery operations.

Livonia History


Water Reservoir History

After a cholrea epidemic in 1852 Rochester implemented plans to get water from Hemlock Lake. The gatehouse was added in 1901 to regulate the water flow. Read the complete history and news articles here.

Livonia History

1873 - 1989

Webster’s Crossing Methodist Church History

June Perkins wrote a history of the Webster’s Crossing Methodist church which was presented by Katherine Humphrey in 2009. Her document covers the history of the church from 1906 until 2005.

June Perkins


Sewage Disposal in the USA - Pail System at Hemlock Lake

In the 1886 a pail sewage disposal system was implemented at Hemlock Lake to protect the threaten lake.

Rafter & Baker


Typhoid Fever at Springwater NY

In 1889 typhoid fever broke out in Springwater. This is a report from the Rochester Academy of Science in 1891 that breaks down the sequence of events that followed.

Rafter & Mallory


Water Reservoir, a brief history

“Glory! Hemlock Water at Last!” So proclaimed the newspaper headline on January 24, 1876 as it announced the arrival of Hemlock Lake water into Mt. Hope Reservoir in Rochester.

City of Rochcester


The Grandview Dairy of Webster’s Crossing

The dairy was a part of the Conesus Milk Producers Cooperative for nearly 5o years.

Harold J. Shafer


A Brief History of Early Springwater

A concise history of how Springwater began. And a few legends about how it got its name.

Judy Tripp-Neu


Onehda Tecarneodi; or Up and Down the Hemlock

This little work is intended to comprise in a cheap and convenient form all the public may wish to know concerning Hemlock Lake.

D. B. Waite


The Early History of Springwater

Early History - Indians; their customs and manner of living, wild animals and reminiscences.

Orson Walbridge


Memories and Recollections

I Remember When

In 1927, E. H. Barringer wrote of the many people he knew from the Hemlock and Canadice Lakes area as well as the Conesus School number 7.

E. H. Barringer

Memories of Ice Harvests on Hemlock Lake

Ira H. Briggs wrote about ice harvests, “Us boys were big enough to help, so during Christmas vacation when the ice on Hemlock Lake got nice and thick we started hauling sleigh loads of ice up the Jacque Hill.”

Ira H. Briggs

Memories of the Jacque Hill Accident

Mary A. Turner Harder died in 1892 because of a tragic buggy accident on the Jacque Hill near Hemlock Lake. Ira H. Briggs wrote this memory of the accident.

Ira H. Briggs

I Remember When

In 1927, Charles J. Dewey wrote of the many people he knew from the Hemlock and Canadice Lakes area as well as the Conesus School number 7.

Charles J. Dewey

The Kammerer Homestead in Springwater NY.

Peggy Kammerer Gray tells us about her childhood home on Strutt road in Springwater NY. Click the “Play Arrow” to hear Peggy tell of her home.

Peggy Gray

Play audio here.

I Remember When

In 1927, Bertha Daniels Jackson wrote of the many people she knew from the Hemlock and Canadice Lakes area as well as the Conesus School number 7.

Bertha Daniels Jackson

Memories of Springwater NY.

Sharyl Stear Lewis remembers Springwater NY fondly. Although she left New York State as a youngster, her memories of people and places are strong. She even designed a logo for the Bicentennial.

Sharyl Lewis

The Paine-Schaefer Barn in Canadice NY.

Dale Schaefer talks about the Paine barn on Canadice Hill road in Canadice NY which was built about 1850. Click the “Play Arrow” to hear Dale talk about the Paines and their barn.

Dale Schaefer

Play audio here.

A Historian Reminisces about Springwater and Canadice.

Havilah Toland, the Springwater Historian, reminisces about Springwater and Canadice. The names Hoppough, Johnson, Colegrove, Waite and Miller all came to his mind.

Havilah Toland

Lurena Briggs Withington recalls the Log Cabin Days.

Lurena Briggs Withington, at the age of 90 years, recalls the Log Cabin Days of her childhood in Richmond NY. She also remembers her wedding day and a trip to Niagara Falls for a honeymoon.

Lurena Briggs Withington

Poetry and Prose

Prose of Leslie Paine

Leslie W. Paine wrote prose pieces about Canadice NY where he lived much of his life.

Leslie Paine