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Miller Fishing Lure Company of Springwater NY

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The Miller Fishing Lure Co.

Excerpts from “The History of the Cannon - Miller Factory” by Ried Robinson



The Miller Lure Co in Springwater NY in 1937.

In 1919 Edmund Miller moved his family from Buffalo NY to Springwater NY and took up partnership with Charles Cannon producing earphone headsets. After ten years the partnership was dissolved when Miller sold out to Cannon, and Miller began the manufacture of metal fishing lures in the Morris and Grover building at the center of the Springwater village.

Miller, in his new venture, made the “Min-Nix” line of metal lures, which was the trade name used by Roy Nixon, a local resident, who for a few years before had designed and made a few types of metal lures.

However, Miller shortly dropped the “Min-Nix” line and continued the business with the manufacture of spinners, trout spoons and wobblers of his own design. One of his most successful metal lures was a wobbler originated by Scott N. Robinson, a local fisherman. This wobbler was designed in several sizes by Miller and became widely known as an excellent lure for pickerel, northern pike and muskellunge.

Miller continued to manufacture his lures for thirty years until he and his wife retired in 1958 selling the business to Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Strawsburg of West Bloomfield.



Edmund Miller Sr. of Springwater NY in 1944.

Edmund was an avid fisherman and frequented the waters of Hemlock and Canadice lakes near Springwater. Here he is shown with a 5 1/2 pound lake trout that he caught at Canadice Lake in 1944.

Behind Edmund, on the left of the photo, can be seen the Miller Manufacture Co. building and the stairs that went up the south side of the building.

Below are shown some of his famous fishing lures.

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Miller Lure Catches 42 lb. Muskalonge

From unknown newspaper, 28 August 1958.

The Miller Lure Mfg. Co., Inc., of Springwater NY received a picture this last week from Gordon LaPorte of Niagara Falls showing the largest muskalonge caught in New York State in July. Weight was 42 lbs., 5 ozs. It was caught in the St. Lawrence River. Mr. LaPorte stated in his letter that he caught the fish on a Miller No. 9 spoon and it was his first time fishing for muskalonge.

Two other large muskalonge were caught in the St. Lawrence. The second largest weighed 40 lbs., 2 ozs., and was caught by Rollo Weeks of Marcellus. One weighing 30 lbs., 6 ozs., was third and was caught by Leonard Hartman of Ogdensburg.

The Miller Mfg. Co. was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strawsburg this year. They have expanded their sales territory and are making a number of changes.

The firm has remodeled the first floor, and will move the office downstairs to the front of the factory building on Main St. in Springwater NY.

The Miller Manufacturing Co. is Sold

From the Springwater Valley News, 30 January 1958.



Edmund and employee in the factory in 1934.

The property and equipment of the Miller Manufacturing Co. has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Strawsburg of West Bloomfield, by Edmund Miller of Springwater.

The new owners will operate the business under the name of the Miller Mfg. Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Miller are assisting in an advisory capacity, and Lloyd Canute and Betty Goodell are presently employed there.

Manufacturing of the famous Miller lures is continuing, and a sales organization throughout the U.S. and Canada is being maintained.

Mr. Miller established the business in 1930, specializing in metal lures which he designed, and for which he built the master dies and much of the machinery used in producing them. His best salesman was his wife, Mrs. Ethel Miller. She packed a kit of samples and travelled as far west as Chicago, convincing storekeepers everywhere that Miller lures were irresistible both to fish and fishermen. This proved to be true and over the years enthused fishermen have sent letters and photographs telling about their success with the lures made in Springwater NY.