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A Tale from Hemlock and Canadice Lakes

Historical Fiction and Review.

The 1896 Race for Governor in Canadice

By Unknown Author

September 1896


Frank Black and Timothy Woodruff in 1896.

The race for Governor in New York State has begun to heat up, as expected. Campaign posters are beginning to show up all across the lakes region. The one above appeared on the inside of the Coykendall Barn in Canadice NY. It was said, by an observant neighbor, that a volley of activity had suddenly occurred one Saturday afternoon as a collection of people showed up at the Coykendall farm. The Coykendalls had invited them and wished to illustrate their staunch support for the young Woodruff, who they knew to be a distant relative of their neighbors.

The Democratic convention is to meet next week in Buffalo on the 17th of September 1896 and has caused a big stir across the region; many are already making plans to travel the 100 miles to show their support and to enjoy a trip on the newly established Lehigh Valley railroad.

The Republican convention is to be held in Saratoga Springs at Carnegie Hall on the 29th of September 1896, where the above poster is sure to be in prominent display.

Woodruff has gained much popularity in the Hemlock and Canadice lakes region for his “forever wild” stance for natural lands and in particular for the Adirondacks. He has also been an open advocate of a “Coeducational College” for the city of Brooklyn N.Y.

Fact: The poster does still exist (2011) inside the Coykendall barn; Frank Black and Timothy Woodruff became Governor and Lt. Governor; the conventions were held in September in Buffalo and Saratoga Springs NY. Lehigh Valley began providing railroad service to Hemlock in 1893.

Fiction: How the posters were placed and by who is unknown.